Dashboard and Citizens Guide

Citizens’ Guide

Welcome to MI Community Financial Dashboard! This dashboard is designed to provide you with easy-to-use, visual data regarding City of Croswell, as well as other Michigan communities. Our local units of government is a critical component of our infrastructure and it is important for our citizens, businesses and officials to have access to information about our fiscal health.

The MI Community Financial Dashboard is provided by the Michigan Department of Treasury using data we submit via our Annual Local Unit Fiscal Report (F65). For more information about City of Croswell's fiscal health please contact City Administrator David Tait, 810-679-2299 ext 106 or email at cityadmin@croswell.us.

Performance Dashboard

The Performance Dashboard should include those financial and operating measures that are most important to the government and its citizens. Meeting this criterion will require the local unit to report on measures such as fiscal stability, economic strength, public safety, quality of life and other measures the local unit select that are relevant to the local unit’s strategic goals and objectives.